The Comprehensive New and Used Car Dealership Software in SG. 

      Everything you need to know about Car Dealership Software for your new or used car dealership businesses.

      There are estimated more than 8000 cars changed ownership per month in Singapore, pre-owned car trading is a highly competitive industry, there is easily 600 active players in the market, it is very crucial to acquire a reliable car dealership software for your business operation. 
      Deploy comprehensive New and Used Car Dealership Software for your car trading business that drive revenue with the latest technologies. 


      Car Dealership Software Main Modules

      • E-file Agreements

        Generate digital agreements. E-file direct into the system. Keep track signed agreements.

      • Purchase Vehicles

        Streamline purchase process, easy-to-use interface, keep track LTA log card info for vehicles.

      • Profit per Vehicle

        Real-time profit & loss per vehicle, P&L report by period, salesman, make & model and more.

      • Sales quick entries

        Generate Sale Agreement, auto compute upfront payment based on various fees and trade in offset.

      • commission-share-portion-allot-distribute

        Sales Commission

        Generate salesman commission, keep track of payments, monitor salesman performance.

      • Broker Shares

        Multiple brokers in one vehicle, compute broker shares and monitor payments.

      • Finance & Insurance

        Keep track of finance and insurance commission. Monitor outstanding amounts.

      • Floor Stock Interest

        Compute and keep track floor stock interest and finance companies info.

      Car Dealership Software System Flows

      New & Used Car Purchase and Delivery Statuses

      Deploy comprehensive Car Dealership Software to streamline your new and used car purchase processes. Vehicle log card info, customer info, vehicle purchase cost, used car Gross Margin or Discounted Sale Price scheme, monitor purchase and vehicle delivery statuses.





      Ads & Costing



      Car Dealership Software Project Management

      • New and/or Used Car?

        Setup your Car Dealership Software. Users need to learn the data entry methods for both new and used car trading. Discuss with the software specialist to take into account other business needs.

      • Forms Customization

        Generate documents from the Car Dealership Software. Select the desired templates for Sales Agreement and invoices, provide the agreements' legal terms to your vendor.

      • Project Schedule

        "I think I need Data Migration... How about my customer database? When can i start the project?" Discuss the project schedule with the software specialist.

      • Software Modification

        If you have custom requirements for your Car Dealership Software, appoint an internal project manager to follow up with the software development team.

      • User Training & Support

        Start thorough testing and deep analysis which is an essential part of the deployment for Car Dealership Software. Bug fixes, UAT, onsite training, and after sales support.

      • Go-live 

        Software specialist will assist you to run live the system. Contact us now to find out more on how you can deploy a new Car Dealership Software to replace your old or current system. 

      Car Dealership Software System Integration 


      Car Dealer Salesman Mobile Apps

      Integrate Car Dealership Software with mobile applications to build company's dream and deliver exceptional user experience.


      Car Dealer Customer Self-help Kiosks

      System integration with digital kiosks to deliver impeccable user experience with a clear layout and intuitive user interface.


      Car Dealer Online Showroom

      Integrate Car Dealership Software with a personalized online car showroom, for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles. 


      Car Dealer Big Data Analytics Integration

      Custom big data applications for new and used car trading in Singapore to provide a profound understanding of meaningful aspects of your business.

      Apply Government Grant for Car Dealership Software

      Apply Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for a basic Car Dealership CRM Solutions. Apply Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) if your car dealership business required in-depth digital transformation in business upgrading.

      • Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

        For companies looking for more support as they undertake deeper transformation in business upgrading. 

      • Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

        For companies to kick-start their adoption of software with pre-qualified Car Dealership CRM Solutions.

      • How to Apply for Grants?

        Tell us your key business activities, describe your challenges or opportunities, we will advise you accordingly. 

      How to select the right Car Dealership Software?

      This guide prepared for COMPANIES OF ANY SIZES in the new and used car trading businesses.

      • One-man show

        Budget $$$


        Grant Application


        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

      • Mid-sized 

        Budget $$$

        Low to Medium

        Grant Application

        PSG, EDG

        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

        Mobile Apps

        Online Showroom

        Link Accounting

      • Industry Leaders

        Budget $$$

        Medium to High

        Grant Application


        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

        Mobile Apps

        Online Showroom

        Link Accounting

        Digital Kiosks

        Data Analytics

      One-man show


      Industry Leaders

      • Budget $$$


        Low to Medium

        Medium to High

      • Grant Application


        PSG, EDG


      • Data Protection

      • Basic Modules

      • Mobile Apps

      • Online Showroom

      • Link Accounting

      • Digital Kiosks

      • Data Analytics

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