The Comprehensive Car Rental Software in SG. 

      Everything you need to know about Car Rental Software for your Rental and Leasing Businesses.

      Software solutions for both short and long term car rental businesses. Rental booking system, rental quotation, leasing agreement, vehicle inspection, vehicle check list, recurring invoice generation, vehicle finance, customer deposit tracking, monthly depreciation, monthly prepayments accounting recognition, and accounting system integration. 


      Car Rental Software Main Modules

      • Leasing Agreement

        Short term and long term rental, generate leasing agreement, e-filing system.

      • Car Availability

        Real-time vehicle availability, monitor booking status, quotation and advanced booking.

      • Vehicle Movement

        Generate and keep track vehicle release and return notes. Car replacement history.

      • Deposit Management

        Keep track customer deposit, total deposit collected per vehicle, generate deposit reports.

      • Recurring Invoices

        Generate invoices automatically based on various rental terms and billing methods.

      • Monthly Costs

        Repair cost, car maintenance, road tax renewal, insurance renewal, COE. 

      • Fleet Management

        Vehicle info, purchase cost, seller info, depreciation and other finance info.

      • Accounting

        Integrate accounting modules, eliminate duplication of works, real-time data.

      Car Rental Software System Flows

      Car Rental Booking and Management System 

      Car rental booking system > quotation > rental agreement > confirmation by customer and management staff > generate invoices. Batch generation of invoices based on short term car rental (daily or weekly or monthly rates) or long term car rental (monthly rates).  



      Check List


      Return Note

      Monthly Costs

      Profit per Car

      Car Rental Software Project Management

      • Basic Setup

        Setup your Car Rental Software. Rental terms, vehicle info, salesman profiles, and more. Discuss with the software specialist to take into account other business needs.

      • Forms Customization

        Generate documents from the Car Rental Software. Rental agreement, vehicle release note, vehicle replacement form. Provide the agreements' legal terms to your vendor.

      • Project Schedule

        Plan ahead for data migration for on-going rental contracts if any. Discuss the project schedule for your Car Rental Software with the software specialist.

      • Software Modification

        If you have custom requirements for your Car Rental Software, appoint an internal project manager to follow up with the software development team.

      • User Training & Support

        Start thorough testing and deep analysis for the Car Rental Software. Bug fixes, UAT, onsite training, and after sales support.

      • Go-live 

        Software specialist will assist you to run live the system. Contact us now to find out more on how you can deploy a new Car Rental Software to replace your old or current system. 

      Car Rental Software System Integration 


      Car Rental Mobile Apps

      Integrate Car Rental Software with mobile applications to build company's dream and deliver exceptional user experience.


      Car Rental Showroom Self-help Kiosks

      System integration with digital kiosks to deliver impeccable user experience with a clear layout and intuitive user interface.


      Online Car Rental Booking System

      Integrate your back-end Car Rental Software with online car rental booking system. Booking info will be submitted to back-end system automatically. 


      Car Rental Big Data Analytics

      Custom big data applications in Car Rental Software to provide a profound understanding of meaningful aspects of your business.

      Apply Government Grant for Car Rental Software

      Apply Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) if your Car Rental business required in-depth digital transformation in business upgrading.

      • Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

        For companies looking for more support as they undertake deeper transformation in Car Rental business. 

      • Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

        For companies to kick-start their adoption of software with pre-qualified Automotive CRM Solutions.

      • How to Apply for Grants?

        Tell us your key business activities, describe your challenges or opportunities, we will advise you accordingly. 

      How to select the right Car Rental Software?

      This guide prepared for COMPANIES OF ANY SIZES in the Car Rental business.

      • New Players

        Budget $$$


        Grant Application


        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

      • Mid-sized 

        Budget $$$

        Low to Medium

        Grant Application

        PSG, EDG

        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

        Deposit Module


      • Industry Leaders

        Budget $$$

        Medium to High

        Grant Application


        Data Protection

        Basic Modules

        Deposit Module



        Mthly Depreciation

        Mobile Apps

        Online Booking

      New Players


      Industry Leaders

      • Budget $$$


        Low to Medium

        Medium to High

      • Grant Application


        PSG, EDG


      • Data Protection

      • Basic Modules

      • Deposit Module

      • Accounting

      • Prepayments

      • Mthly Depreciation

      • Mobile Apps

      • Online Booking

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