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      We successfully combine our team spirit, mutual support, creative thinking, and our dedication to delivering the most efficient software solutions. 


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      To assist SMEs in Singapore acquire high performance system, software, IT products and technology innovations.

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      We select and recommend IT partners that responsible for the highest quality of services, practicability and efficiency of the decisions made during the development process, and for the realization of those obligations.  


      We only recommend you to acquire system from vendors with deep industry know-how, a profound knowledge and understanding of the software development process, rich experience, and compliance with safety. 


      Tell us about your project requirements and business activities, we will recommend you the correct software solutions, our IT specialist will contact with you directly, save time from sourcing online by yourself. 


      We are aimed to assist you in making meaningful and practical decisions, leading to the development of ideal products. We can assist you in reviewing your project and vendor requirements.

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      • When 3 out of 5 vendors claimed that they are the best solution provider in the market, how would you choose? Not every company have in-house IT manager to assist the owner review the solutions. Find out more with SIIS.

      • Mobile App for your business can boost your brand awareness, it will be even better if the app can integrate with your back-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Learn more about possible System Integrations.

      • How to improve customer engagement? No matter you are selling flowers or private properties, your customers need an efficient way to reach you. Let's explore e-commerce and other innovative ideas together!

      • Common enquiries that we received: I'm thinking about starting a new business in the retail industry, I looking for a cloud-based system, I can't afford expensive upfront payment or setup fees, any recommendation for me?