System Integration for Industry Specific Software

      Our team consists of experienced IT specialists who know how to deal with challenges that you may come across in your digitalization journey. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with the high-quality supporting services.

      Automotive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solutions


      Car Dealership Software

      Find out more about New and Used Car Dealership Software in Singapore.


      Auto Financing Software

      Software Solutions for Car Loan and Financing Services. 


      Car Rental Software

      One of the best Car Rental and Leasing Software in Singapore.


      Car Workshop Software

      Car Workshop Software for Job Sheet and Spare Parts Usage Management.


      Motor Insurance Software

      Software Solutions designed specifically for Motor Insurance.

      Software Integration for Automotive Industry in Singapore

      We have more than 10 years of experience in System and Software Integration for Automotive Industry in Singapore. We strive to make the most out of your current infrastructure while enabling you to open your digital horizons. Cloud-based software, desktop applications, mobile apps integration, e-commerce platform, self-help kiosks, GPS integration, IT services, disaster recovery plans and more!

      Are you looking for Industry Specific System for your business?

      Write to us, tell us about your business activities and project requirements, follow the 3 quick steps below:

      1. Tell us about your project.

      Let us know what is your company's industry or business activity and what is your project requirements.

      2. SIIS team will review your requirements.

      One of our specialists will contact you to make a deep analysis of your specific needs.

      3. Arrange on-site demo & discussion.

      We will visit your office for further discussion and system demo. If you need PSG or EDG grant assistance, we will also recommend you the grant specialist or consultant to deliver a thought-out solution.

      We provide IT and System Integration Services in Singapore

      Local Business Support

      We are working with a team of talented software development individuals dedicated to delivering the highest quality software solutions for SMEs in Singapore.

      Experienced Developers

      We had helped hundreds of SMEs in Singapore to grow and move faster. We provide guidance to improve the skills of software teams and the efficiency of software applications.

      One-stop IT Services

      We assist clients in create and build applications which are extremely scalable with the potential to integrate with mobile apps and other latest technologies.

      Ultimate Guide to System Integration

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        System Integration

        Mobile App Integration

        Mobile App integration opens an innovative way to enhance work efficiency, it can execute even the most unpredictable ideas! We work with vendors with latest mobile app development capability that able to integrate the apps with other business software.

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        System Integration

        E-commerce Projects

        Get the right e-commerce portal to increase efficiency and simplify its clients' lives. The automated notification system installs right into the server's workflow. This ideal solution assists venues to improve service operations, recognize their best clients, and offer them promotions for social media engagement.

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        System Integration

        Mobile Payment Solution

        This is a perfect mobile payment project which makes it possible to pay online for somebody's purchase in real-time and from any corner of the world. This solution comes in handy when it is necessary to delegate a payment. It helps care-dependent people to delegate their payments to a trustee in an easy and safe way.